Services Provided:

Program development:

We write simple programs and/or applications to increase efficiencies. Is there a repetitive task that you or your office does that if "automated" it would improve your ability to focus on your core business? Tell us what you want and we will see if we can develop it within your budget.

App development:

Whether your app is for work, a potential business or just for fun, we will see if we can develop it within your budget.

Web development:

Build a presence for your business on the Web with CIBE LLC Web development. We can develop sites of any size to fit your business needs. We can also develop a site for other organizations or a personal site for you.

Have a website already but need changes? We can do that too!

See our OnePageWebPage service for a quick, easy, and cost-effective way to get a presence online.

Management Consultant:

CIBE LLC can help manage your business; from small objective advice to running the show so you can concentrate on what you do best.

CIBE LLC is a multifaceted management consultant company. CIBE LLC helps individuals and company manage "things." What kind of things? All kinds of things. CIBE LLC can take an individual's idea and turn it into a program and/or phone app. What repetitive task do you do that if automated would save you time, money and increase the quality of your life? CIBE LLC is all about working smarter, not harder.

CIBE LLC offers a more traditional, but less formal style of management. We consult on process improvements of businesses and even offer to manage the entire business so the "expert" can concentrate on his/her special talent and not have to be distracted by the "necessary evils" of running the business.

Dual Mortgage Calculator & AVM

The DMC & AVM (Dual Mortgage Calculator & AVM) program allows loan officer to quickly estimate how much a borrower will save by refinancing his/her current loan. Too often borrowers cannot grasp the Time Value of Money. The DMC & AVM quickly estimates and compares the current mortgage vs. a potential new mortgage and provides a dollar value estimated cost of not refinancing. It becomes much harder to dispute facts/actual savings. Try the free demo model and watch your sales increase.

Click here to request a copy of the free demo.


Build a presence online with a quick and easy website designed by CIBE LLC.

Package includes:
  • One dedicated, personalized domain for the website (*
  • Hosting*
  • One professionally designed page for the website
  • One email address at the domain (*; more available for an additional fee
  • 250 business cards
  • *Included with Annual Maintenance Fee.
Our base price is $250 for everything shown above.
Please contact us at for additional details and available discounts.

Web development

Need a larger website? Contact us at